Self-Hosting Options

There are three levels of self-hosting

1) Quickstart

Want to get Sliderule up and running as quickly as possible? We've created a slimmed down deployment option to get you going fast: Quick Deploy Repository

This option is great for teams that want to try Sliderule with sensitive data, but aren't ready for a full production deployment.

2) Helm Charts And Containers

This middle option offers more flexibility, and can handle higher volume & usage than the Quickstart deployment.

At its core Sliderule is just a couple Docker containers running in a cluster. Therefore the deployment strategy can be pretty flexible. If you have a different preference then the options provided above, we can simply provide you a helm chart and you can take it from there: Helm Chart Repository

3) Production Deployments

In order to run Sliderule with the best performance at scale you'll need to use the same infrastructure we do. To help you do that, we have production terraform scripts you can use to quickly deploy the necessary infra:


We support hosting the Sliderule Application on both ECS and EKS clusters.


ECS Terraform Repository


EKS Terraform Repository


GCP Terraform Repository